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Workplace Data Breach Claims

Employers hold a significant amount of private information about their employees, and unfortunately, this information does not always remain private. Should an employer or fellow employee misuse that data or allow it to fall into the wrong hands, this can have very serious consequences.

Breaches of data within the workplace can relate to pay & conditions, sickness & absenteeism, disciplinary & grievance disputes and even private medical information which is shared and/or disclosed inappropriately.

Anyone whose personal information has been compromised in a workplace data breach may have grounds to claim compensation.

At Hayes Connor Solicitors, we have worked with a number of clients to pursue workplace data breaches where their employer leaked personal information. With a strong track record of success for our clients, we know exactly what it takes to make a successful workplace data breach compensation claim.

Examples of the types of workplace data breaches we can assist with include:

  • Documentation left in communal work areas or on communal printers
  • Information being sent to incorrect email recipients – both internally and externally
  • Employers or employees misusing confidential data relating to other employees, customers and any other individuals
  • Personal data being accessed in a cyberattack caused by the employer or employee negligence
  • Failure to properly dispose of confidential data leading to this data falling into the wrong hands

We understand how distressing an employee data breach can be and how serious the consequences often are for those affected. In most cases, these data breaches are caused by simple human errors, which can make living with the consequences even more upsetting.

As well as the potential financial impact in the event of identity theft and financial crime, the level of emotional distress caused by a data breach of employee information can be substantial.

Compensation is therefore essential to help those who have suffered a workplace data breach to get their lives back on track.

Ultimately, if a workplace has failed to protect your personal data, you have a right to claim compensation.

If you believe you have grounds for a claim, we can assess this for you free of charge. Simply use our secure online claim form to let us know the details of your claim, and we will get back to you shortly.

To speak to a member of our team about what to do if you believe your data has been exposed in a workplace data breach, please call now on 0151 363 5895.

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How workplace data breach compensation claims work

Understanding if you are entitled to compensation

If your workplace has been responsible for an employee data breach, you will likely have grounds for a claim.

Workplaces are required to have robust procedures in place for preventing, detecting, reporting, and investigating any personal data breaches.

Security measures must be in place that are appropriate for the data held, including implementing strong passwords and encrypting electronic data. Workplaces should also strictly control who has access to sensitive data, making sure this is limited to those within the organisation who have a legitimate need to access the data in question.

If a workplace has failed to meet these data security obligations, then our data breach solicitors can help you to make an employer data breach compensation claim.

What you can claim for

Financial losses

If your personal data is accessed illegally via a data breach of employee information, it can lead to financial crime and identity theft. Cybercriminals can potentially use this data to apply for credit in your name, set up fraudulent bank accounts and access your existing accounts.

This can result in serious financial losses, and you can claim for those losses.


Having personal data stolen can have a significant impact on your mental and physical wellbeing. We frequently hear from people who are unable to sleep, feel ill, unsettled or confused following a data breach.

This type of distress can be very serious, and damages can be sought as a result.

The claims process

The first step is for our team to contact the organisation responsible for the breach on your behalf. In this initial step, we can use any findings of the ICO to assist us in our dealings with the organisation responsible for the breach.

Once we have established that a breach has occurred and fully assessed the consequences of that breach for you, we can start to place a value on your claim.

In many cases, workplace and employee data breach claims can be resolved without the need for court proceedings. However, if a settlement cannot be reached, court proceedings may be required to secure your rightful compensation.

Funding for workplace data breach claims

We are able to act for clients on a no win, no fee basis, which means there is no upfront cost or financial risk to starting a claim.

Can I sue my employer for disclosing personal information?

The Data Protection act 2018 outlines that employers can only collect personal data that is considered to be ‘adequate, relevant and necessary’, and to identify any detrimental effects on individual privacy.

The Data Protection Act also stipulates that any organisation that uses personal data must demonstrate that:

  • Employees were informed of the purpose of the use of their personal data
  • Employees were given a clear explanation of how their data would be treated

Employees must also consent freely to the use of their data, which means you may be in a position to take action against your employer if your personal information was disclosed without your permission.

How Hayes Connor can help with workplace data breaches

Hayes Connor is one of the largest teams of data breach claims specialists in the country. We can guide you through dealing with any situation where your data has been lost, stolen or otherwise exposed, helping you to secure fair compensation.

Our workplace and HR data breach solicitors can help with:

  • Advising you on whether you have grounds to claim compensation
  • Making a claim on your behalf
  • Securing an apology
  • Seeking assurance that your data will be stored more securely in future
  • Having your data erased from the breached database (where appropriate)

We offer a free assessment of your case, so you can find out if you are likely to have grounds for a claim before deciding whether to take further action.

We know how distressing dealing with these situations can be, as well as how confusing and intimidating the idea of making a claim can seem. However, with a wealth of experience and an excellent track record of success for our clients, we can help to keep the process of pursuing a data breach claim simpler, more straightforward and less stressful.

You can find out more about our expertise and how we handle data breach claims here.

To have your claim assessed for free, you can use our secure online claim form.

Or to speak to a member of our team, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0151 363 5895.

You can find out more about our expertise and how we handle claims here. To have your claim assessed for free, you can use our secure online claim form. Or to speak to a member of our team, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0330 041 5137.