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Ticketmaster data breach – 40,000 customers’ information stolen

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Personal and financial details of 40,000 Ticketmaster customers were stolen by hackers in 2018.

The hack happened sometime between February and 23 June 2018. It involved sensitive information provided by customers who bought tickets through the Ticketmaster website.

The information stolen by the hackers includes names, postal addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, payment details and Ticketmaster log-in details.

The ticket sales and distribution businesses said in a statement on Twitter that the hack had been carried out using malicious software that targeted a third-party customer support product, Inbenta Technologies, that Ticketmaster uses.

Following the breach, the ticket-selling giant informed those affected with a link to a website where they could have any questions answered by the company. It also advised them to reset their passwords and offered them a free 12-month identity monitoring service.

Ticketmaster said: “forensic teams and security experts are working around the clock” to understand how the data was compromised.

The company also claims to have complied with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules and acted quickly and informed all the relevant authorities, including the Information Commissioner’s Office.

The National Cyber Security Centre, part of the UK’s GCHQ, said it was closely monitoring the situation.

Cybersecurity firm RiskIQ reported in August of the same year, that the attack was not a one-off, as 800 other e-commerce sites were attacked by a hacking group called Magecart.

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