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Hayes Connor in the Press – January 2021

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Our data breach experts have been popping up in the press a lot over the last month – including Christine Sabino speaking to the BBC about the data protection risks associated with remote working during the pandemic and Richard Forrest telling the Financial Times about how even seemingly minor data breaches can lead to serious fraud.

This is our roundup of all the times our team have been featured in the press in January 2021.

Christine Sabino speaks to the BBC about the impact of remote working on data breaches

Hayes Connor Senior Associate Christine Sabino spoke to the BBC recently about the increased risk of data breaches due to the mass movement to remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The BBC article also made reference to our recent data breach research, specifically our findings that one in five UK home workers have received no training on cyber-security and that two out of three employees who printed potentially sensitive work documents at home admitted to putting the papers in their bins without shredding them first.

Read the full article here.

Richard Forrest talks to the Financial Times about how data breaches can lead to bigger fraud

Another Hayes Connor Senior Associate, Richard Forrest, has been called on by the press for his expertise. Speaking to the Financial Times, Richard talked about how having even basic personal information stolen can result in someone becoming the victim of much more serious fraud.

The article is focused on the mental and financial damages that can be caused by a cyber criminals using personal data exposed in a breach.

Read the full article here.

Christine Sabino quoted in article on poor password hygiene

Christine Sabino was quoted in a My Tech Decisions article on how ‘password hygiene’ differed across various age groups. Password hygiene refers to how careful people are with things like reusing passwords that can make them less safe online.

Read the full article here.

Hayes Connor write about GDPR training for pension companies for leading pensions magazine

We recently authored a piece for leading pensions magazine, Pensions Age, on why pension providers should prioritise GDPR training. This article drew on our findings from our recent data breach research and how it applies to pension companies.

Read the full article here.

Our team explain how medical technology can put people at risk of data breaches in guest article for medical technology site

In another recent guest post, this time for medical technology news website, Med-Tech Innovation News, we wrote about which medical devices and processes pose a risk of data breaches that could expose sensitive patient data.

Read the full article here.

Hayes Connor speaks on protecting your passwords

In an article for Open Access Government, we discuss the importance of good password protection and how the public can take action to protect their passwords from the risk of fraud.

Read the full article here.

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