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Where to get help following a data breach

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Following a data breach, many people become anxious and upset. Both about the breach of privacy and the possible consequences.

Depending on the type of breach, there can be worries about fraud and cybercrime. In other cases, people can be anxious that highly personal information is available to friends, families and neighbours. Sometimes, victims are also vulnerable, and a data breach can put these people in life-changing and life-threatening situations.

Embarrassing at best and dangerous at worst, it is vital that victims of privacy violations get the urgent help they need.

Below, our data protection solicitors have listed some helpful links to ensure victims of a data breach know where they can turn.

Help & support for people following the data breach

Information Commissioner's Office

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) protects the data privacy rights of individuals. While the ICO does not award compensation, it does have the power to impose hefty fines on organisations in breach of their duties. You have the right to ask the ICO to assess if an organisation breached the Data Protection Act. At Hayes Connor Solicitors we often work with the ICO to gather as much evidence as possible to help our clients succeed.


The Samaritans

The Samaritans are a group of passionate volunteers working together to make sure fewer people die by suicide. If you are struggling emotionally after a data breach, they can help. You can call them free from any phone.



The Mind Community Support Service provides advice, information, onward referral and holistic support to people who are experiencing mental ill-health and drug/alcohol difficulties. The service can also provide support to people who have a history of offending and those who have been a victim of crime.


Get Safe Online

Get Safe Online is a leading source of unbiased, factual and easy-to-understand information on online safety. It contains lots of helpful guidance to protect you and your data from the threat of fraud, identity theft and abuse.


Take Five to Stop Fraud

Take Five offers straight-forward and impartial advice to help everyone in the UK protect themselves against financial fraud. Following a data breach, cybercriminals often use contact information to try and extract financial data from victims.


Action Fraud

Action Fraud is the UK's national reporting centre for fraud and cybercrime. Victims of online offences such as scams and financial/identity fraud should contact Action Fraud to report their loss. You can do this online or via telephone. Victims of data breaches do sometimes become the targets of criminals, so it's important that anyone affected by a data breach is vigilant.


Contact Hayes Connor Solicitors for more help

If you have been the victim of a data breach, pleasecontact usto find out how we can help. Our initial advice is completely free, and there is no obligation to process. Alternatively, for more information on how to keep your data safe, follow us onTwitterandFacebook.