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What do our clients have to say about Hayes Connor Solicitors?

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At Hayes Connor Solicitors, our data protection solicitors provide high-quality, sensitive legal advice and support. But you would expect us to say that.

However, to put your mind at rest - and to ensure that we are continually improving our service to you - we asked some of our former clients what they thought about working with us. Here's what they told us.

What do people think about our team?

At Hayes Connor, we are proud of our professional and friendly specialist team. But what do our clients think about our data breach solicitors?

I can't recommend Kingsley Hayes of Hayes Connor Solicitors enough. I felt very confident at all times that Kingsley was working hard on my behalf. Always making me feel positive in my decisions, explaining everything to me in detail.

I would like to say the service I experienced was 110% all the way through thanks to James. I'm glad I found his service on the internet and rang asap for help with my data breach claim. If anyone has any doubts or worries about a data breach then James is the one to help you. Appreciate what he's done for me so very much. Fast and very friendly service and can't speak more highly of him. Once again thank you.

Really friendly. First point of contact was a director but everyone was really nice down to assistants.

Kingsley is the man. But Ben and others have been super. A great team.

Ryan really made sure that I was well represented, and fought my case. Ryan was very helpful, professional and really cared about the case.

How do people sum up their experience of working with Hayes Connor Solicitors?

We know that making a data breach compensation claim can be difficult. Particularly following a privacy violation or another online offence. So we want to provide a hassle-free service to you. But what do our clients think about our approach?

Before I contacted Hayes Connor Solicitors the data breach caused a lot of worry and stress. I didn't really know much about my rights and I found it hard to make a complaint. However, Hayes Connor took that stress away.

Excellent. Professional. Reliable

The service was brilliant, everyone was very helpful. Any requests were dealt with in a lovely, timely manner. Very competent and experienced. Very reassuring.

Hayes Connor don't muck about. In my case it was taken on confidently under a no-win-no-fee agreement. So there was no risk for me and no bill.

My expectations were exceeded.

They pursued my claim quickly and effectively.

Is the communication people receive from Hayes Connor good enough?

When you work with us, we want to make sure that you always know what's happening. How does this commitment to keeping you updated hold up in reality?

I only had to contact Hayes Connor for an update once. Very happy with the frequency of updates.

Highly professional and very informative every step of the way. Also very helpful!

A couple of times I had to chase them for a progress update. But, as anybody in business knows, if you're any good then you're in-demand and will sometimes be too hard-pressed to get back to people as quickly as you'd like.

He (Ryan} kept me notified every step of the way and took the time to explain what was happening and why.

5 Star

Kingsley always kept me informed of everything that was happening either by phone or email.

Are our clients happy about the end result?

Our solicitors work tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcome for you. But do our clients walk away happy with the compensation they have received?

They helped me and got a really good outcome.

Yes very much so. When the final claim value was discussed, I was advised of the best-case scenario. And I was reassured as Hayes Connor had consulted with an expert.

Got me compensation and recognition when I was getting nowhere with my complaint and questions regarding the data breach.

Hayes Connor has helped me so much- taking the worry and stress out of the situation. Hayes Connor made sure I was well represented, that my rights were protected and made sure I got the right compensation.

A great win. Hands down. I was awarded £8,500 without even having to go to court.

Are our documentation and processes easy to understand?

We want our clients to feel fully informed at all times. So we strive to remove the jargon from the compensation process. How successful are we?

Everything was explained in a straightforward way.

5/5. No jargon, easy to understand language. Questions were quickly and easily answered.

I first made contact via the form available on the Hayes Connor website. It was really quick and easy to fill out.

The documents sent from Hayes Connor were very clear and always came with letters to explain what I needed to fill out and why. Ryan also made sure that I knew what I was completing and what it was being used for.

I think that the couple of queries I raised were speedily answered. So the process was remarkably straightforward. Having said that I was shocked at the length and detail of the documents. But they demonstrated that Hayes Connor have an in-depth knowledge of the processes.

Are there any improvements we could make?

At Hayes Connor, we believe that continual evaluation and improvement is essential to great client service. So we asked our clients what we could do better. Here is what they told us.

After this experience, I can't think of anything at all that could improve the service.

PDFs may be better as with word documents the formatting could change depending on the device being used etc.

I have absolutely no criticisms.

No, you've been brilliant. Wouldn't change anything.

Guaranteeing a call-back within 24 hours.

Nothing. It's like a car engine. You don't muck about with something that's running well.

Would our former clients recommend Hayes Connor Solicitors (or use us again!)

Nothing says great service like a word-of-mouth recommendation. So, we asked our clients if they would be happy to recommend Hayes Connor to their friends and family.

I would recommend the firm, you get advice on whether the claim is worth pursuing, and clarity on fees in advance.

I would use Hayes Connor again and would recommend them to anybody.

I certainly would recommend Hayes Connor, without a doubt! Absolutely fantastic!

I would strongly recommend Hayes Connor Solicitors to my friends, family and anyone seeking a first class service.

Really satisfied with Hayes Connor and would never have to think twice about recommending them to anyone else.

Very pleased I went with Hayes Connor. I would recommend them and use them again if I ever needed to.

They should be a first port-of-call for anybody.

Talk with Kingsley, outline your situation, and he'll give you an honest appraisal. If he says you have a winnable case then he's probably right. And I'd imagine that it becomes much more winnable if you leave it in his hands. Don't bother going elsewhere.

What else did our clients tell us about pursuing a data breach claim with Hayes Connor Solicitors?

What else should do you need to know about appointing Hayes Connor? Here's what our clients think.

I didn't originally set out to make a compensation claim but I'm glad I did. You took my claim seriously and, just as importantly, your involvement made those responsible take it seriously.

People shouldn't be worried or scared to make a claim regarding data breaches. A lot of people don't really understand the new legislation and I feel this puts people off making a claim but using Hayes Connor makes the whole process easier - they really know what they are talking about!

About Hayes Connor Solicitors

Over the past few years, Hayes Connor has become the leading provider of data breach legal services. It is all we do, and, because we have been doing this for longer than most, we lead our field when it comes to understanding the complexities involved. Before that, we worked on different types of compensation claims. And, with over 50 years' experience helping our clients secure the justice they deserve, our solicitors work tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

Because we understand that the full impact of a data breach is often not felt until months after the initial violation, we take a long-term view when it comes to claiming compensation on your behalf. But more than this, we also help you get your life back on track ASAP.

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