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July 2022 Data Breach Roundup

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The UK saw some scorching hot days up and down the country in the month of July, with temperatures hitting an all-time high of 40.3 degrees Celsius in the East. But the country was also hit with some hot and heavy data breaches, particularly concerning the education sector, before the summer holidays began for the year.

Here you can find our roundup of the data breach incidents the UK faced in the UK’s hottest month on record, July 2022.

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The biggest data breaches uncovered in July 2022

Personal data of City College Norwich applicants released in email blunder

In an email communication exchange between a student’s parent and the City College Norwich’s customer service team, an email slip-up lead to hundreds of applicants’ personal details being breached.

The email contained a spreadsheet full of sensitive information, which included full names, telephone numbers, home addresses, email addresses and other personal details.

The college has revealed they are investigating the matter further to certify it does not happen again.

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Sensitive details accessed during a major cyber attack on Gloucester council

A councillor from Gloucester council let loose that individuals living in Gloucester have had their sensitive details accessed by cyber criminals in a major data breach that occurred back in December 2021.

Details that were accessed by the hackers include signatures, home addresses, national insurance numbers, bank account details and driving licences.

Hannah Norman, the council’s Deputy Leader, stated that the cyber attack was still under an active investigation meaning no further details could be revealed to the public. Norman did, however, advise that the council has followed protocol by notifying the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) within 24 hours of being aware of the breach.

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Children at risk of grooming gangs after sensitive information is leaked to the dark web

A criminal organisation has hacked into multiple schools across the UK and one sixth-form college, stealing personal information concerning students studying there. Hackers then proceeded to demand ransom from the schools but were met with refusal.

After no ransom demands were met, they have since leaked this data onto the dark web, putting thousands of children at risk.

The information released in these ransom incidents includes children’s passport photographs, disciplinary files and child protection reports in regard to students at risk.

The leaked information creates concerns about the affected children being the targets of grooming gangs, anything from drug trafficking to extremist groups recruitment.

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Letters addressed incorrectly sent to thousands of homes across Liverpool

Liverpool residents owed the £150 council tax energy rebate, were sent letters wrongly addressed in a recent data breach incident.

The breach affected around 10,000 letters, with the names addressed not coinciding with the home addresses.

The council have confirmed they are investigating the matter and have since sent out new letters addressed correctly and advising to destroy the original letters.

Deputy Leader Cllr Andrew Makinson has criticised the council’s error, stating, "Residents will have had their time wasted, and worse, this latest cock-up will further delay struggling families from getting their £150 rebate. Not only will the council now have to pay for new letters to be sent out, but they also risk a large fine for breaching GDPR data protection rules."

"As ever, it will be Liverpool Council tax payers who are left to pay the price."

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The latest data breach news and announcements

NCSC warns organisations to prepare for cyber threats as the Russia-Ukraine conflict remains heightened

With the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has released new guidance to benefit organisations in supporting staff resilience. The guide includes eight steps concerning cyber defences.

While the steps were created in reaction to the Russia-Ukraine situation, they can apply to other similar matters in the future to help protect the UK against cyber threats.

The NCSC Director for National Resilience and Strategy, Paul Maddinson stated, "From the start of the conflict in Ukraine, we have been asking organisations to strengthen their cyber defences to help keep the UK secure, and many have done so."

"But it’s now clear that we’re in this for the long haul and it’s vital that organisations support their staff through this demanding period of heightened cyber threat."

"We have produced new guidance to help organisations do this, and I would encourage them to follow our advice to help sustain their strengthened cyber posture."

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