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Industry-leading recruitment company Acorn Recruitment suffers from impactful cyber attack

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The UK’s industry-leading recruitment company, Acorn Recruitment, experienced a serious cyber attack earlier this year, resulting in a number of consumers’ financial and identification information being compromised.

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The sensitive data which has been breached during the cyber incident includes:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Contact details
  • National insurance numbers
  • Financial information such as bank details
  • ID documents such as passports, driving licenses or national ID cards

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What action is Acorn Recruitment taking over its data breach?

Once Acorn Recruitment’s IT team became aware of the suspicious third-party activity on their system, they took steps to contain the breach.

The part of the company’s system that was impacted during the incident was taken offline, and a team of external forensic specialists spent time carefully investigating the incident where a data breach was identified.

Acorn Recruitment further monitored online sources for mentions and was able to identify those responsible for the incident.

Acorn Recruitment stated that they have reported the incident to the relevant authorities, such as the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

The company has confirmed it will be taking additional steps to protect its systems following the cyber incident. They will be doing this by enhancing their IT security and reviewing the current security measures they have in place.

What risks does the Acorn Recruitment data breach pose for the company’s consumers?

Any Acorn Recruitment consumers’ data which was impacted during the cyber attack is at risk of being made public, with the potential to end up in the wrong hands. Cyber criminals could use this sensitive data to commit identity theft and financial fraud.

The data exposed in the Acorn Recruitment attack could potentially result in financial loss due to the financial information, such as bank details, obtained by the cyber criminals.

If you have been made aware of your connection to the Acorn Recruitment cyber attack, such as your personal details being impacted, or you are concerned they have, it is essential to put provisions in place to protect yourself from any further impact.

What to do if you are concerned about the Acorn Recruitment data breach

If your sensitive details have been breached in the Acorn Recruitment cyber incident and, as a result, you have suffered, the company has a legal responsibility to directly inform you of the incident. If you are yet to have been contacted but have strong reason to believe your details have been compromised, we encourage you to reach out to Acorn Recruitment for confirmation.

Following a data breach incident where your details have been compromised, you may be subject to ‘phishing attacks’ where cyber criminals will attempt to extract further sensitive data. It’s important to remain vigilant of any unexpected communications, particularly from anyone claiming to represent Acorn Recruitment.

To prevent your compromised personal data from being used against you, please read our useful guide on what to do if your data has been stolen in a data breach, which provides helpful deterrent provisions.

If your sensitive data has been compromised during the Acorn Recruitment cyber incident, it could be possible to claim compensation. Our friendly data breach specialists are on hand to provide pragmatic advice and support to claim the compensation you rightfully deserve.

How Hayes Connor can help you claim compensation for the Acorn Recruitment data breach

Organisations have a legal obligation to protect the sensitive data they record and store. Where they fail to do this, data breach victims could be eligible to claim compensation for their suffering.

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Having your personal data compromised in a data breach can understandably have a considerable impact on your life, but with the Hayes Connor solicitor’s assistance, you will receive proficient and effective advice and support from solicitors who care.

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