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Hayes Connor is continuing to help our clients during the coronavirus pandemic

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At Hayes Connor, the health of our employees is paramount. As such, we have put a number of steps in place to protect their wellbeing during the coronavirus pandemic.

However, just because the majority of our people are now working from home, this doesn't mean that justice has to stop. And, as the COVID-19 situation continues, our passionate team is continuing to protect the rights of the people who need us. But, just like the rest of the UK, we are doing things a little differently right now.

The UK legal system

During the pandemic, our justice system is continuing to operate - although much of it is now being done remotely. As such, the deadline for making compensation claims has not been extended and our cases are continuing to progress (some to settlement).

We believe that this is a good thing; not least because this is an anxious time for victims of many different types of crimes, and we do not want to add to this burden by prolonging any sense of insecurity.

Part of what represents a good functioning justice system is its ability to provide clarity and stability for individuals, particularly in times of uncertainty.

Our process

Because Hayes Connor is operating a reduced in-office staff model for the foreseeable future, all inbound calls are currently being answered by our existing 24-hour answering service team. So, if you call us, this team will take the relevant details, and securely pass them on to our legal staff for action.

For current Hayes Connor clients, this means you might experience a longer delay than usual before we can respond in full. You can, of course, continue to email your solicitor directly with any questions you might have.

If you want Hayes Connor to take on a new data breach case, we are still here and happy to help. And you can let us know about your experience in one of three ways:

  1. You can start a claim via our website using our online form (recommended)
  2. You can call our answering service team on 0151 363 5895. They will take your details, and, where necessary, one of our expert legal team will call you back to discuss your case in more depth. However, there might be a longer delay than usual before we can respond in full
  3. You can email our answering service team on enquiries@hayesconnor.co.uk. However, there might be a longer delay than usual before we can respond in full.

Data security at Hayes Connor

Organisations navigating the coronavirus crisis are responding by increasing home and remote working, and Hayes Connor is no different. And, just like firms across the UK, our own data security is of the utmost importance while doing so. To put your mind at rest, here are just some of the security measures we have in place:

  • All employees have been issued with work laptops. So you don't have to worry that your case details will be accessed and saved on a shared family computer
  • To access your details, your data protection team still has to enter a secure login to access our system. No data is stored on the laptops
  • We operate a paper-free working model, with no hard copy files. So your details won't be printed off and left for a family member to see
  • We are continuing to monitor post sent to our office, so you don't have to worry that this is being left in an empty building.

The good news is that Hayes Connor had established, practised contingencies in place for such a scenario long before the coronavirus pandemic. So our data protection processes are as safe as they have ever been.

Ultimately, this means we can still work on your case - securely and confidently - from initial query right through to settlement.