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Furniture Village cyber incident raises concerns over data breach

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Furniture Village have recently experienced a disruptive cyber incident, leading to the interruption of multiple customer orders.

On June 9, Furniture Village published a statement on their website to confirm that they had fallen victim to a cyber-attack which meant that they were forced to quickly shut down affected systems in order to mitigate the potential impact.

This cyber incident led to orders which had already been placed with the company being massively disrupted and delayed. This disruption continued for the remainder of the month, with Furniture Village only claiming that they returned to full capacity on July 2.

In response to the initial incident, Furniture Village notified the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the police and external security experts to investigate the issue further.

If any personal data was exposed following the cyber-attack, Furniture Village are obliged to inform anyone who has been affected. If you have already been contacted by Furniture Village to inform you that your data has been exposed in a breach, or you have strong reason to believe that this is the case, then you will likely have grounds to pursue compensation.

The team at Hayes Connor are ready to advise and support anyone who has been affected by the Furniture data breach. To find out more about how you can make a claim, please get in touch.