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City-listed law firm Gateley admits client data stolen in cyber attack

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International law firm Gateley, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange, has admitted that client data was stolen in a recent cyber attack on the firm’s IT systems.

The attack resulted in the loss of around 0.2% of the data held by the firm, with Gateley claiming that the lost data had been quickly traced and deleted as part of its response to the breach.

You can ready more about the Gateley cyber attack here.

Hayes Connor’s view on the Gateley cyber attack data breach

Jon Else, Director at Hayes Connor, says: “This is just the latest in a series of high-profile cyber attacks and reinforces the need for all organisations to maintain adequate IT security systems and keep them under constant review.

“It’s a positive step that Gateley was able to identify the attack shortly after it happened but it still did not prevent the loss of client data. Consumers and businesses trust law firms with their data and Gateley should have ensured this.

“They should immediately contact their clients to confirm which steps they have put in place to ensure data isn’t accessed. Clients will want to know how the firm can ensure it doesn’t happen again and what they intend to do for those affected.”

Worried about the Gateley cyber attack data breach? You may be entitled to compensation

Any organisation that handles your personal data has a legal duty to keep it secure under the terms of the Data Protection Act 2018. If it is found that the cyber attack on Gateley was the result of lax security or other data protection failures, anyone whose data was put at risk may be entitled to compensation.

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