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What evidence do you need to join the BA data breach?

ba data breach

The ICO has announced plans to fine British Airways (BA) a whopping £183.93 million for its 2018 data breach. As a result of the BA data breach, almost 400,000 British Airways customers had their personal details and bank cards stolen. Enough details were exposed to make the threat of cybercrime a real possibility. Many banks had to cancel and re-issue cards as a result of the breach.

While cybercriminals caused the breach, the ICO is coming down strong on BA. This is because the privacy violation was only possible due to inadequate security arrangements at the airline.

However, while the ICO has the power to impose data breach fines, it does not give this money to victims of the data breach. As such, we have launched a group action to help victims of the BA data breach to get the compensation they deserve. And, we are currently collating valuable information about how this privacy violation has affected people to help us make the strongest claim possible.

What do you need to join our BA data breach?

To join our BA group action, we need evidence that your data was put at risk by the data breach. British Airways claims that it has emailed everyone involved in the violation, so if you still have that email, we can use that to start your claim.

However, in some cases, victims of the British Airways breach may not have received this email. For example, it might have gone into your spam folder. As such, we would advise you to check to make sure you haven’t received an email from the company (but do not click on any suspicious links).

Of course, if the email did go into your spam folder, it may have already been automatically deleted. If this is the case, you will need to provide alternative evidence.

If you haven’t got the email from BA, you can provide:

  • Evidence that you purchased tickets from BA on or between 22.58 on the 21st August 2018 and 21.45 on the 5th September 2018. Only people who bought tickets during this specific timeframe were impacted by the data breach
  • Evidence of any fraudulent transactions/attempts/alerts/cancelled cards that relate specifically to the card you used to purchase tickets from BA
  • Confirmation that, as far as you are aware, your card was not put at risk by another data breach.

What if you haven’t suffered any losses?

If you did use your card to purchase tickets during the above period, but haven’t yet been the victim of any fraudulent activity, this doesn’t mean that you are safe. Often data stolen by cybercriminals is used in batches over time. So, the losses incurred by a data breach are not always immediately apparent.

As such, if you used your card during the affected period, and are worried that you could be at risk, you can still let us know.

What can you do if you were affected by the British Airways data breach?

At Hayes Connor Solicitors, our BA group action allows people affected by this breach to bring a claim on a collective basis. This strengthens their overall position and increases their chances of success.

The BA data breach was able to happen as the airline failed to implement reasonable and robust security processes. So, claiming compensation isn’t just in your best interests. The only way organisations will be persuaded to take their responsibilities seriously is by taking strong and decisive action

To join our British Airways data breach action compensation claim, register with us today. We can help you claim compensation for financial losses, as well as for inconvenience and distress.