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The real-life impact of a large data breach


At Hayes Connor Solicitors, we’re helping victims of the Ticketmaster data breach to claim compensation after their data was put at risk.

But, some nine months after the breach, what are the real-life effects of the Ticketmaster data hack?

63% of all the clients we took on suffered multiple fraudulent transactions on their payment cards.

Cybercrime can result in both financial and/or identity theft. And, in this case the majority of our clients have gone on to suffer fraudulent activity.

What can you do to protect yourself from fraud?

With enough information, cybercriminals can apply for credit in your name, set up fraudulent bank accounts and access your existing accounts. And, getting your money back is not always easy.

Here are a few steps to help protect your cards from being used by hackers:

  • If you are worried that your banking details have been exposed, contact your bank immediately and ask them to keep a close eye on your account
  • Request a new card from your bank
  • Beware of fraudsters who attempt to gather personal information (phishing)
  • Report any suspected phishing attempts to the police and relevant authorities
  • Look out for any bills or emails showing goods or services you haven’t ordered, or any unfamiliar transactions on your account and alert your bank or card provider immediately if there is any suspicious activity
  • Keep an eye on your credit score for any unexpected dips. Call Credit, Experian and Equifax to ensure credit isn’t taken out in your name
  • Beware of any unsolicited communications that refer you to a web page asking for personal data
  • Register with a suitable fraud prevention service
  • Change your passwords on all your accounts
  • Never automatically save your card details online.

31% of all clients involved in this case suffered from distress and/or psychological trauma.

Following the Ticketmaster data breach, 31% of all our clients involved in this case suffered from distress and/or psychological trauma as a result of having their card details stolen and used in fraudulent activity.

Being the victim of a crime can have a significant impact on a person mentally and physically. Everyone reacts differently, but for some people, the effects can include a lack of sleep, feeling ill, unsettled or confused. Stress can also affect their friends, family and job.

Thankfully, over the last few years, people are waking up to the reality of mental health and there is a greater awareness about the lasting effects of psychological suffering and anguish. Crucially, the law agrees and recognises the amount of damage that can be caused by having your information stolen.

Make a Ticketmaster compensation claim with Hayes Connor Solicitors

At Hayes Connor Solicitors, we are investigating the options available for customers of the Ticketmaster group.

As Ticketmaster has already admitted the breach and informed customers, those affected should already know if their data has been put at risk.

To ensure that you are fully informed on this matter complete your details and we will notify you about the investigation and your legal rights when making a claim.