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Not Just Hackers

Data breaches impact people across the UK

Data breaches and cybercrime are big news. It’s almost impossible to pick up a newspaper or turn on the television without hearing about how some big company has been hacked or scammed with thousands of customers put at risk.

But, while these cases are important, every day smaller data breaches are causing misery and upset to people across the UK.

At Hayes Connor, our experts deal with a significant volume of data breach cases each day. During our work, we see many different types of claims and how data breaches can affect people in different ways.

But it’s not just hackers that cause data breaches

In most cases, data breaches aren’t caused by scammers trying to hack big businesses, but by simple human errors. And while these incidents don’t make the headlines, for those involved the experience can be devastating.

Businesses have a legal responsibility to keep their customers’ data safe. They are required to have robust security measures in place under the terms of the Data Protection Act 2018. Unfortunately, in many cases businesses fail to get appropriate data security procedures in place and, even where the right processes have been implemented, employees do not always follow them properly.

This can lead to customers’ data being put at serious risk, which can have significant long-term consequences for those customers if a data breach occurs. This can include financial losses, as well as emotional distress and loss of privacy, all of which can have a very real impact on people’s lives.

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