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How much compensation could you receive following the Equifax data hack?

Equifax data hack

The investigation by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) into Equifax data hack is now drawing to a close. And, our data breach compensation solicitors are predicting that the regulator may well impose a financial penalty of millions of pounds.

So, if you think your data was put at risk because of the Equifax data breach, now is the time to start preparing your claim for compensation. But how much could you receive?

Well, while each case is different, it is expected that each person will be able to claim between £500 and £3,000.


Data stolen Likely compensation pay-out
Financial data £3,000
Email addresses £1,500
Other personal data £500 – £1,000


With 14 million customers affected in the UK alone, in addition to any fines imposed by the regulator, Equifax could find itself facing a compensation bill of millions of pounds. And that’s just this side of the Atlantic. The figures in the US could be even more staggering.

If Equifax is already being fined by the FCA, why do you still need to claim compensation?

The Equifax data breach compromised the personal information of 14 million customers, with 30,000 people having their email addresses stolen and 15,000 having their credit card details put at risk. The potential consequences of the breach include financial fraud, identify fraud, cyber-extortion and online harassment.

However, any fine given by the FCA will not go towards victims of the data breach. So, anyone who has suffered following the Equifax cyber-attack should be looking to claim compensation.

At Hayes Connor Solicitors our data breach compensation solicitors are ready to help victims of the Equifax data hack to claim compensation and get the payment they deserve. You can claim if you have lost out financially because of the hack, or if the data breach has caused you stress or anxiety (in a way that could be diagnosed by a psychologist).

To help you get the justice you deserve, we are launching a group action against Equifax. This strengthens your overall position and increases your chances of settlement or success at Court. What’s more, we are also providing no-win, no-fee funding arrangements in this case, and, if successful, we won’t charge a “success fee”. This means, if you are awarded £1,500, you will get all of the compensation. There are no solicitor’s fees win or lose.

To become part of the Equifax group action, you will need to register with Hayes Connor Solicitors. Doing this guarantees that you will form part of the compensation claims that will be lodged by the firm.

If you have been affected and want to join the group action, you can register your details here.


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