Help is as important as data breach compensation

data breach compensation

At Hayes Connor Solicitors, we can help you to make a data breach compensation claim after your personal information was put at risk by an organisation you trusted to look after it.

But more than this, we also want to make sure that you understand your data protection rights. And provide the information you need to protect yourself following a data breach. So, as well as claiming data breach compensation, what else can you do to get data breach help?

Have you been a victim of a data breach?

In our digital age, your personal data is of enormous value. Not just to yourself, but also businesses, and, unfortunately, cyber-criminals. As such, data breaches are now a common occurrence as negligent corporations fail to put the necessary security measures in place to protect user accounts, passwords, contact details and sensitive and financial information.

Last year, data breaches affected billions of people. And, in the UK, many group action claims have been launched. For example, we have initiated data breach compensation actions against the likes of British Airways, Equifax and Dixons Carphone Warehouse.

So, if you’ve suffered damage or distress as a result of an organisation breaching any part of the Data Protection Act or the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), then you have a right to compensation.

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Why you need data breach help

A data breach can result in both financial and/or identity theft. And the result of either of these can be devastating. With enough information, cybercriminals can apply for credit in your name, set up fraudulent bank accounts and access your existing accounts. And, to make matters worse, with criminals rarely caught, getting your money back following a scam is not easy.

What to do if you are worried about the security of your money and personal information:

  • Contact your bank/credit card provider immediately
  • Consider a credit freeze until the matter is resolved
  • Report the scam to the police and contact Action Fraud for advice on what to do next
  • Keep an eye on your bank and credit card statements to see if there is anything you don’t recognise
  • Let the credit reference agencies know of any activity that was not down to you
  • Register with the Cifas protective registration service. This will slow down credit applications made in your name with additional verification checks made to ascertain that the applicant is actually you.

You don’t need to have lost money to get data breach compensation

Even if you haven’t lost out financially after a data breach, this doesn’t mean that there is no harm done. Following the Ticketmaster data breach, over 30% of our clients suffered from distress and/or psychological trauma as a result of having their card details stolen and used in fraudulent activity.

Being the victim of a data breach can have a significant impact on you mentally and physically. The effects can include a lack of sleep, feeling ill, unsettled or confused. Stress can also affect your friends, your family and your job.

Thankfully, over the last few years, people are waking up to the reality of mental health. And there is a greater awareness about the lasting effects of psychological suffering and anguish. Crucially, the law agrees and recognises the amount of damage that can be caused by having your information breached.

Data breach compensation case studies

As well as data breaches caused by cybercriminals, every day, people are also suffering following smaller data breaches. These privacy violations can have a severe and often lasting impact on them. In most cases, these data breaches are caused by simple human errors. And while these incidents don’t make the headlines, for those involved the experience can be just as devastating.

Check out our data breach case studies for more information on these kinds of breaches.

If you have been affected by a data breach, regardless of whether a hacker or a stupid mistake caused it, you can make a data breach compensation claim.

Where to get data breach help

Committed to reducing the amount of data privacy violations, and supporting victims wherever we can, we have collated a list of websites you can turn to for data breach help, advice and support – before, during and after a data breach. Find out more about getting data breach help here.

Or you can contact Victim Support for more information.

Got a question or need some data breach help or advice?

If you have suffered from a personal data breach, let us know to see how we can help.