First Massive Data Breach of 2017

Clients of Uber and Fitbit exposed

A massive data breach has just been discovered by a web infrastructure company. Cloudflare, the company concerned, have exposed potentially millions of customers to the risk of their personal data being accessed by unscrupulous third parties.

Examples of information which have been leaked by their failure to spot a glitch in their own software system will have exposed people’s passwords, encryption keys and other personal information to others on the internet.

Cloudflare provide software services to numerous companies – Uber, FitBit and OKCupid are amongst their client base and if you are a customer of those organisations your data may well have been leaked.

No hacking of cloudflare was involved. It was a fault in their own systems which has led to this occurring. Although they have now solved the problem, individuals and their corporate clients have been exposed.

It’s likely that a regulatory investigation will now take place and potential claims will follow. If you believe your personal data may have been leaked, please contact ourselves to advise you further.

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