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Equifax Data Hack UPDATE

equifax data breach even worse

Everyday we are receiving more and more calls from customers who have been affected by the Equifax data hack.

We are expecting an even bigger number after the christmas period as it can’t be confirmed that customers details haven’t got into the hands of dishonest organisations or people.

Some important advice regarding the Equifax data hack:

Firstly contact the ICO and ensure that they have your details on file.

The more people affected the more likely an investigation into equifax or your individual case will be carried out.

  • If this is done and Equifax are fined we can help you get compensation.

Secondly contact us – we will be able to keep your details (securely) and keep you up to date on the ICO action and the outcome of any investigation.

We will also be able to advise you on what to do whilst waiting for the ICO’s findings.

Once registered with us:

  • It’s important to keep a ‘diary’ or note of events since the hack – for example has your card been used without permission?
  • Are there transactions that you bank have picked up that you haven’t made?
  • Are you getting more ‘spam’ or junk email – With your name on? -I so create a folder and keep it – this may be relevant
  • Are you anxious or worried by the thought of people being able to access your data? Has this caused you any distress?

We will keep you updated about any new breaches via our facebook page and newsletter and also notify you when we know more about the equifax hack.

To register your claim today visit our secure data breach form
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