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Emma’s Diary breaks trust of young mums

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Earlier this month, parenting website Emma’s Diary was fined £140,000 for selling data collected from its app to the Labour Party.

Using a database created by Experian, Labour used this personal information to target new mothers with direct marketing. The data gathered included parent names, addresses and the dates of birth of the mother and children.

In an extraordinary breach of trust, many parents are now reeling that their personal information was treated this way. So, here at Hayes Connor Solicitors we are helping them to claim Emma’s Diary compensation for any distress suffered.

Commenting on this case, our managing director, Kingsley Hayes said:

“Quite often we deal with data breach cases where a cybercriminal has hacked a company to access sensitive user information. But in this case, Emma’s Diary willingly and knowingly handed it over for profit. What is even more shocking is that this sensitive information included data about children. It’s no wonder that young mums and dads are now distraught at this breach of trust.”

He added:

“Leaving aside the fact that this data was used to manipulate our democratic process, this case shows a worrying disregard for data privacy. Mums across the UK used Emma’s Diary to get much-needed medical advice and free baby-themed goods. The last thing they expected was that their trust would be abused in this way.”

Claiming Emma’s Diary compensation

You can make a compensation claim against Emma’s Diary if you have struggled emotionally following the data breach, even if you have not experienced any financial loss.

When making a compensation award, the court will look at the specific circumstances of your case. This includes things like the sensitivity of the data compromised and the nature of the disclosure.

Some people would have us believe that claiming for distress is an overreaction. That your psychological suffering and anguish doesn’t matter. You might hear friends and family saying that, while it is acceptable to claim compensation for any financial losses, you should put up with any anxiety caused by having your information sold in this manner.

Being the victim of a data breach can have a substantial impact on you mentally and physically. For some people, the effects can include a lack of sleep, feeling ill, unsettled or confused. So why shouldn’t you seek compensation for a failure to look after your information correctly? Especially when it included data about young children.

How much compensation could you get?

Data breaches often have severe consequences for those affected, and in this case, you could be entitled to up to £1,500 (or more depending on your circumstances). And, because we offer no-win, no-fee funding arrangements, you have nothing to lose.

Join our group action and claim Emma’s Diary compensation now

At Hayes Connor Solicitors, we have received a large number of queries from people concerned that their information was manipulated and used in way they did not agree to. In response, we are now launching a group action against Emma’s Diary.

To join a group action compensation claim, you will need you to register with us. We’ll let you know what is happening in this case and if and when you can make a data breach compensation claim.


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