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Don’t leave it too late to join the British Airways data breach

british airways breach

This week, the ICO said that it is considering fining British Airways a staggering £183 million for its part in one of the most severe cyber-attacks in UK history. This is because, while cybercriminals hacked the airline, the British Airways data breach was only possible due to inadequate security arrangements.

As a result of the data hack, almost 400,000 British Airways customers had their personal details and bank cards stolen. Enough details were exposed to make the threat of cybercrime a real possibility. Many banks had to cancel and re-issue cards as a result of the breach.

Don’t leave it too late to join our No Win, No Fee, BA data breach compensation case

At Hayes Connor Solicitors, we are taking a group action against British Airways to help victims of this data breach to claim compensation. We can help you claim compensation for financial losses, as well as for inconvenience and distress.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the compensation you deserve!

Since the data breach, we have been contacted by hundreds of people who were put at risk by BA. And, if you have been in touch about joining this case, it’s vital that you now complete and return the information we have sent to you (links included in our initial documentation).

If you have misplaced this information, or if you require copies, please do not hesitate to email us at enquiries@hayesconnor.co.uk

What if you haven’t previously contacted Hayes Connor Solicitors about the BA data breach?

The action that we are taking against BA is still open to you to join. But, as we have already started our group action case, it is vital that you register with us ASAP.

What is a group action case?

A group action claim is where a group of people – sometimes even thousands of people – have been affected by the same issue. Group action cases are also known as class actions or multi-party actions.

With a group action claim, this group of people (the Claimants) collectively bring their cases to court against a Defendant. In this case, British Airways. These victims then fight together to achieve compensation in the High Court of Justice.

Where cases are very similar, group actions can be a powerful tool and can have a bigger impact than a single claim.

What does the ICO fine mean for this case?

Investigating why the British Airways data breach was able to happen, the ICO found that information was able to be compromised by inadequate security arrangements at BA. This means that BA will be held responsible for its failure to protect customer data. But, while the ICO has the power to impose data breach fines, it does not give this money to victims of the data breach.

However, we can use the evidence uncovered by the ICO to make a very strong case. So, if your data was put at risk by BA, you should now make a data breach compensation claim.

To join our British Airways data breach group action compensation claim, register with us today.