Can you still make a claim against Cambridge Analytica?

Data breach compensation claims

Cambridge Analytica – which is at the centre of the Facebook data breach scandal – has filed for bankruptcy and is to shut down. Accused of improperly using personal data harvested from millions of Facebook users, a statement on the firm’s website states that it is it “no longer viable to continue operating the business.” Cambridge Analytica’s parent company, SCL Group, is also closing, leading to allegations that the firms are attempting to use insolvency laws in the UK to evade scrutiny.

Will the investigations continue?

Commenting on the news, the chair of the UK parliamentary committee leading the investigation into the data breach scandal said that: “They [Cambridge Analytica’s and SCL Group] are party to very serious investigations and those investigations cannot be impeded by the closure of these companies.”

He added: We’ve got to make sure this isn’t an attempt to run and hide, that these companies are not closing down to try to avoid them being rigorously investigated over the allegations that are being made against them.”

There is also scepticism over the closures, with one ex-employee of Cambridge Analytica, stating that they were sure the company would emerge “in some other incarnation or guise”.

Can you still claim for compensation?

Absolutely. In fact, regardless of whether a company exists anymore, directors can still be held liable. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) – which is conducting its own civil and criminal investigations – has said that it will pursue individuals and directors as appropriate and necessary should the companies no longer be operating.

The ICO has also said that it will continue with its inquiries and “monitor closely any successor companies using our powers to audit and inspect, to ensure the public is safeguarded.”

What now?

If you are concerned that your data has been exploited by Facebook and Cambridge Analytica contact us today. As specialists in data law, we are carefully observing this case and are pulling together a group action to seek compensation.

We believe that a group action offers the best chance of success for data breach claims of this nature as it allows people to work together on a collective basis and strengthen their overall position. With a group action, people share the legal fees, and, by grouping cases together, solicitors are often able to run group actions on a no win-no fee basis.

At Hayes Connor, we not only have the legal expertise needed to win these types of cases, but we have also appointed an expert barrister to help and we are confident that our team will get the results you deserve.

Register your interest in making a compensation claim.

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