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Legal Futures, 25th March 2020

The coronavirus crisis has seen a number of apps being developed to track symptoms and identify hotspots around the UK. Kingsley Hayes advises users to take caution in relation to how their private information will be collected, processed and shared – both now and after the pandemic – in Legal Futures.

Legal Futures, 19th March 2020

As we all move to homeworking amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Kingsley Hayes featured in Legal Futures talking about mitigating the increased risk of data breaches while working away from an office environment.

Mitigating the risk of data breaches while homeworking

As businesses navigate the unprecedented coronavirus crisis and respond by increasing home and remote working, careful consideration around data security is paramount. Recognising the increased risks around data protection for employees working outside the office environment and implementing simple measures to mitigate the risk of a data breach is essential. Kingsley Hayes, managing director at […]

Short changed security systems at Dixons Carphone undermines high street confidence

It was announced in January 2020 that the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) would be fining high street retailer Dixons Carphone the maximum pre GDPR data breach fine of £500,000. The ICO’s investigation of the breach, which occurred as a result of hackers successfully installing malware on 5,390 Dixons Carphone cash registers, found multiple failings. The […]

The Guardian, 29th February 2020

We talked to The Guardian to highlight the dangers of push payment fraud after our client lost £95,000 to fraudsters. We successfully recovered nearly two thirds of her stolen monies after fraudsters hacked her solicitor.

UK facing an “epidemic of scams”

The Martin Lewis Money Show this week reported that the UK is currently facing an epidemic of scams with online ads featuring high profile individuals, including Martin Lewis himself, being used to dupe £millions from the unsuspecting public. The programme described the current climate as “the Wild West” with scammers using increasingly complex and sophisticated […]

Legal Futures, 27th February 2020

We featured in Legal Futures commenting on why individuals and businesses need to be one step ahead of ever sophisticated scammers following the Martin Lewis Show’s description of the current climate as ‘the Wild West’ with scammers deploying unregulated tactics.